Hourly Rates

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Use these steps to create hourly rates that can be selected from the Hourly Rates dropdown when creating hourly invoice items. Typical hourly rates include: holiday rates, overtime, double time, and after hours time. Creating hourly rates allows you to save frequently used rates and keeps you from having to retype the same rate for multiple hourly invoice items.

1. On the Invoice List page, click the Hourly Rates button

2. On the Hourly Rates list page, click the New Hourly Rate button

3. Enter Name and Hourly Rate

Note: the default checkbox lets you designate a rate that will be automatically selected in the Hourly Rate dropdown when creating hourly invoice items. Assigning a default rate allows you to save time by not having to select a commonly used rate from the dropdown when creating multiple hourly invoice items. This way you will only need to change the value of the dropdown when assigning less commonly used rates.

4. Click the Save button

5. Note your new rate is found within the Hourly Rates list

6. Note when you create or edit any new hourly invoice items, your rate is displayed in the Hourly Rates dropdown

Note: you can also edit the name, value, or default setting of any hourly rate by clicking the Edit button of the corresponding hourly rate on the Hourly Rate list page.