Marked Up Hourly Rate

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The marked up hourly rate option allows a customer owner to set a marked up price for an employee/vendor that will be displayed on any generated Customer Invoices.

For example, if a caregiver charges $10.00/hour for their services, a geriatric care manager might charge the customer $20.00 an hour in order to make a profit. The geriatric care manager would set the marked up hourly rate for that employee to $20.00 an hour.

1. In the top navigation, click Employees (note: this image is dated, where the link is now displayed as "Employees" instead of "Vendors")

2. In the Employees Hourly Rates list, find the Employee or Vendor you would like to set the marked up hourly rate for and click Edit

3. In the Edit Employee dialog, note the employee's current hourly rate - then enter the marked up hourly rate

4. Click Save

5. Any Customer Invoice created will display the marked up hourly rate