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If requested, please use the instructions below to share your screen. Screen sharing helps us better explain features of the application and resolve your issues faster.

Quick Screen Share allows you to share your screen quickly and easily through any web browser.

1. In any web browser, navigate to

2. Select Your Screen and enter your name in the text box

3. Click the Start button

4. Install or run any plugins displayed by your browser. An example of running the plugin within Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer is provided below. The dialog you are presented with may look differently depending on the version of your browser.

If you are asked to install Java or a "missing plugin," navigate to, and click the "Free Java Download" button. Follow the instructions on-screen to download and install Java. After the install has completed, revisit the page and click the Start button again.


Internet Explorer and Firefox

5. After clicking run, the screen sharing program will load within the browser. Copy and paste the presented link into an email or instant messaging program. The link is needed by the other person in order to connect to your computer and view your screen.

6. When the other person clicks the link you sent, a dialog will automatically be displayed on your screen. Click the Start button to begin sharing your screen

7. Once you click the start button, the screen sharing session will begin. The "Remote User" label indicated the mouse of the other person